sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

ZKC 375 & 376 Seventh Heaven (2) & (3) "The end is near"

Well, you know this "end" was about one year ago but you understand right?...
And aside that well this project is near to the end the next release will be the last published chapter and with that... the agony...!!! I hope will be true that this nexth month we have back ZKC :D.
And... That gives the step for the next notice, talking with Kat (The superhuman who have help me with the chapters and basically did the most of these) and with Philips (A master of masters in proofread) we have decided that if the original manga is back soon we´ll translate it following the serialization at least with a decent quality of the chapters so expect it ^^
And with that i leave for the moment and i hope you enjoy the chapters and if you can comment ;)

Until later...

375: MEGA//Online
376: MEGA//Online