lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Double Release: ZKC 372 & 373 End of Return From Phantom mini-arc!!!

Hello again you guys, It´s mee Haolen! xD

This time the release cover the end of this arc Return From Phantom i hope you enjoy it ^^
One thing about this chapters it´s that i only did some corrections in the translation but practilly all of this chapter were made previously by Kat and i asked her permission to use her version and we ended helping each other to release the chapter more fast, so as you can see in the credits page i only did a little of proofread and a little of corrections so please thank Kat too by this chapters in his blog:

And with that we will keep working in order to do the remaining chapter so wait for them soon :)

And... enjoy this two chapters :D

372:  MEGA//Online
373:  MEGA// Online

And also previously with the help from other collaborator "Philips" we do the remake of the first chapter with a better translation so if you want to read it i left it here too :D

370v2: MEGA//Online