jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

(Status Update) ZKC 395 "Uh oh..."

This is a capture from past chapters...
Hello everyone!
Just right now i´ve received the chapter from Kat, but right now in my country are the 11:08 pm and tomorrow i have to go to medical revision at 5:00 am and sum that to my work that ends 8pm so i think that we´ll have the chapter at most the saturday so wait a little more :)

domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

Quick Update Vol 40 v2

Hello everyone, this is just to tell you that i made a second version of our vol 40 because i didn´t add all the chapters that cover that volume (378-387) but everything is good now :)
Here´s the link if you don´t want go to download page :9


viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

ZKC 394 "The Children are..."

Hello Everyone here´s the new chapter!!
This time we get a shocking chapter, what is happening to "The Children"?
Read right away to found it out!! :)

domingo, 18 de enero de 2015

Another surprise! + New Design of the Blog

This was the only image that i had now xD
Hello!! As you can see trought the day i been doing somechanges in the blog, the header of the blog, the background image, etc. Also a new pages that you can see below the header that gives access to pages.
The first is a FAQ (that nobody has really asked but i thought that maybe someone was wondering xD) and the second is... *TA-CHAN* A PAGE WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ALL ZKC MANGA!!!!!
Yep, i been busy all this weekend setting this out, i downloaded all that singles chapter of JS Scans, Mangaholic, Imperial Scans, the omakes, specials, etc. And arranged them in the all forty volumes!!
All of them arranged to read them in any comic viewer or android or directly in you PC/MAC :D
I uploaded all to MEGA so i hope you don´t have any problems with it :)

So, if you want to have them this is the moment, get them all!! (reference to pokemon xD)
In that page i aclare all the questions that may you ask so i highly recomend you go first there :)

Also, if someone wants to help me and make mirrors of that i will be very happy, but the condition is that only be free servers like (Mediafire, 4shared, sendspace, 1fichier) and not require to do "Surveys" or the use of "Adf.ly" or "Linkbucks".

And just that for the moment if you have any doubst or something, let me know ^^

Quick link for the people who use rss feeder:



sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

Status Inform ZKC 394 + Vol 39 special supplement + FULL VOLUME 40

Hello everyone again!!
Sorry for not inform you before but i was waiting to finish this other suprise that i have for you :)

Let´s go step by step:

1. This week there weren´t chapter, if you was wondering, that´s why we didn´t say anything, and because that i think it will be a boring news we started to work in another a little surprise and you have your ZKC weekly ration :)
2. The surprise is the Supplement Special that was included with volume 39 this has a extra chapter of ZKC that takes place when Hyoubu and Fujiko-san were in the army. There we will know a famous characters of the epoch and his relationships with they xD
Also this one includes a gallery made it by artist of Shonen Magazine congratulating (back before) the graduation of the Children with is own illustrations. An example:
Like if you can guess who is the artist :)

3. And  last but not the least, I proudly present you the Full Volume 40 of ZKC totally translated by us, omakes, 4-komas, special pages in color and the full arc of "Children StrikeBack" and the first chapter of "School Paradise" so if you want to revive again that arcs and enjoy our fist completed Volume i invite you to read it :)

And that´s all for the moment, next week there will be chapter so don´t fear xD

And as always enjoy it all.

SUPPLEMENT SPECIAL Dropbox//Mega//Batoto

EDIT: Thanks to Oliverfr from Batoto explains the final joke in the omake so if you read and don´t understand it (Like, and the rest of the staff xD) you can watch this video, 
WARNING: Maybe you will end like this :O 

lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

ZKC VOL. 40 Omake!!

Hello everyone a special surprise for all of you there!! 
Here you have, thanks to Yuri (A great person) we got the raws for the omakes and covers of ZKC Vol. 40 and we´ve already translated for you to have fun :)
I hope you can enjoy it :D
A little spoiler about it. Do you remember her? :)

jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

ZKC 393 "New year, New arc"

Like if you find the pantyshot xD
Hello everyone in this new year!

We´re back doing the first release of the year, and nothing less than with the first chapter of a new arc where we´ll see a emotive scene between the children and Minamoto...
Also looks like the power of the children are changing, what this new arc will bring? Discover it yourself, and read right now :)

jueves, 1 de enero de 2015

Status Inform + HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This is the only image i have about new year xD
Hello everyone sorry for the late update, is just because of celebration i didn´t have time.
And of course from the staff of Zettai Translation Project we want to wish you a very happy new year and we will keep working to bring to ZKC so let´s hope everything goes well ^^

And also, thank you for all your support, when i started this project i thought that nobody will like my work (because the quality at first) but i was terribly wrong all of you was very warm and comprensible with me (even with my horrible english xD), so believe me that i´m greatly thankful to you because of that i´m improved a bit both my english and japanese and day by day i think i´m being a little better.

Also i want to add an special thanks several people that has been helping me with this:
-Kat Typesetter/Cleaner/Raw Hunter/QA the most fundamental part of the Scanlation i think without her and her burning passion toward ZKC i will never had been able to come this far... as always THANK YOU VERY MUCH KAT!!
-Sinlinara Proofreader/Corrections of Translation, also the Key member of the team because if she wasn´t with us all the chapter will look like this entries xD. Seriously Sinlinara i´m pretty grateful to you and i want to thank you the fact that you even when you have schedules very tight you take the time to fix this mess of my translation :)
-Lintence, Moypher, Дмитрий Алеев, Trueman Massat, Prince and all the regular commenters, subscribers, "+1"  of the blog for your special support here you don´t know how cool is see your inconditional support here :D

And last but not the least, this week looks like we´ll not have chapter so let´s wait to next week :/

And that´s all, have a good night and i hope you had great party´s :)

See ya!!