martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015

(Status Update) ZKC 429 "Starting..."

Hello everyone sorry for the long absence D:

Recently thanks to the "Holidays" i had my schedule changed in my job so i wasn´t able to work any in the chapter 429. Luckily i finally have free time and i´m starting to translate -.-U so i hope everything will be normal again.

Just that expect the chapter soon :)

miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015


As always Thanks Mir

I just want to wish all of you readers of ZKC a great Christmas this year!! I know already left some days to christmas but why don´t tell this to you from now??

ZKC 428 "The Date Starts..."

Hey everyone!!
Sorry for being so delayed this days, basically is because of me, recenly i got my work shifts changed and sometimes i don´t have the strength to translate. I´m really sorry for this. I´m not saying that i will not translate anymore just that sometimes maybe the chapter will be delayed a bit of course i will try to have it the soon as possible luckily for us we have the help of Kat and Sinlinara that make all that possible. I think without them i´ll probably be about chapter 380 xD so thank them everytime you can :)

And well just that for the moment, maybe next chapter will be a bit delayed to cause the staff is preparing for cristmas in real life but nothing so long ;)

lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

ZKC 427 "A sudden revelation!?"

Hello everyone!! Sorry for being delayed (again) in upload this chapter in fact it was ready since saturday but we lost the electricity all this weekend a just recently came back -.-

And well what to say, just who is what Kaoru´s seeing?