domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

UPDATE: Header

Hello everyone this update is kind of weird but look what i´ve just received from Kat the new Header of the blog, sometime ago i asked Kat for one and it´s finally done.
She used the last color page of chapter 401 and re-draw it to make this new header and what to say, it´s beautiful*.*

And yeah this entry it´s just to brag about it but i think it worth it :)


And sorry for bother you people but isn´t awesome!? xD

viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

ZKC 401 "Let´s celebrate the serialization not having chapter next week!! You´re a freaking genius!!"

Hello everyone here´s the promised first chapter chapter of the new arc with the color page and waht to say i´m public congratulate Kat as always because thanks to her the quality of the chapter is far from HQ just look the above page :D

And that´s all for the moment hope you like it and if you can please thank her in her blog :)

Also as the title says next week there´s no chapter :/ so don´t think that we´re dead xD

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

ZKC 400 "Not bad... o_o"

We didn´t get color pages, but Kat did this for us :D
Ohayou minna~
The new chapter is here, finally ZKC reached his 400th chapter and i think that as fans we must be proud of this, and personally i really want that this long at least to 500th chapter :)
But, only the time will say it...
And what tell you about the chapter, i´m still kind of mad because in this chapter wasn´t colored pages, but at least next week, with the start of the new arc we´ll have them :D
Also, i didn´t like the front cover of this week... just see it by yourselves... but finally "outer limits" arc is over i wonder what´s next... more minamotoxkaoru, Black Phantom, more hyobu-minamoto-sakaki jokes about old and drunk mans? xD

Well, just that for the moment hope you like the chapter ^^

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

ZKC 399 "Almost one... to 400"

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the delay this week but all the team were having technical problems and that make it difficult have the chapter as usual. But well it´s finally here and what to say i think it was kind of expected but the humor throught the chapter make it interesting xD

And well, as you can notice next week ZKC will reach his 400th chapter but as you may know the magazine will not even give color pages to that chapter :/
This will mean nothing but i think that we must do something to celebrate it don´t? what i going to do is to release something that i´m being preparing for some weeks ago but i don´t think that´s sufficient so if you are an artist or want to create something (a image, an art, a youtube amv, a poem o.o, etc) to commemorate the 400th chapters you can do it and i´ll add it to the next chapter :)

Just that , hope that you could do it and enjoy the chapter :D