viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

ZKC 414 "Conclusion of the arc"

Well here it is the chapter, with this "The Intruder Without Shape" arc ends, and it´s really, funny so check it out ^.^
For more that i tried to understand i don´t know what that portrait image is related to the chapter...

Also, i give a special thank to Mir who give us the raws for this chapter, and Kat for her countless hours of work THANKS!!

jueves, 30 de julio de 2015

Wanderer 02 "End...?"

~The secret in the mountain~ (Alt. Title) xD
And well, as fast as it appear, it already ended with this second chapter :/

I think that this chapters were made as an epilogue just to connect, Unlimited Manga with the original history, but god knows...

And well, i´ll not spoil you so read righ now!!

Also i have to give a special thank to Mir for giving us the raws and Kat for redraw ALL this thing (CHECK IT OUT

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

ZKC 413 "Kaoru has a message for you..."

Don´t make her mad, seriously, that´s not a good idea...
Sorry i couldn´t resist (But seriously... comment more often ;D)
Hello everyone!! Well finally is here the chapter, sorry that we delayed, as i told you before i had not electricity in my home so i couldn´t do the translation, but luckily Kat and Sinlinara make it in a flash after i finished.

And well, what to say, this chapter was shorter than always but i don´t think that you get bored with it
Just that for now, i´ll not spoil you more, hope you enjoy it :)

jueves, 23 de julio de 2015

(Status Update) ZKC 413

Hello everyone I'm here to apologize, I been incapable to translate the chapter of this week due a several bad luck yesterday I been without electricity in my home so I can't make the translation so maybe this chapter will be delayed a bit
I'm sorry 🙏

domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

ZKC 412 & VOL 41 Omake "10th anniversary of ZKC!!"

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for being delayed but this chapter was truly difficult, because had a lot of text and a lot of things to redraw, (just look at the image above) really Kat did a awesome work U.U

And also i have several surprises for you today besides the chapter, as you can see in the title we also got the omake for vol. 41 so we´ve put it up :)
It´s really short but funny :)

Besides, i added in the download section of the Blog the full Volume 41 with the extras if you want to download :) also updated Vol.40 because it had a chapter that must be in vol 41 so if you want to redownload it you can do it.

And about the chapter itself it´s truly cool i´m have the feeling that it´ll make you laught xD

Just that for the moment, hope you like it and as always if you can please comment here or in batoto, and also please thank Kat in her blog because she was the one who worked hard to do this release :)


jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

(Chapter Status) ZKC 412 "So did you think that the anime was to start again?"

"Minamoto Trolling since ancient times"
Hello this Haolen!!

Well, i have to say sadly that the chapter of this week will be a little delayed :/
This is because this week chapter have a LOT of text and a lot of sustancial talk  so i wanted make sure to try not commit mistakes, hopefully the tomorrow or saturday will be ready.

And also, we got trolled -.- remember that in last chapter they said that in this chapter they´ll announce great news? ... they´ll retracted :/ (That if i read good) so in compensation, they give a card and extra pages in this chapters, maybe next week they´ll announce something but god knows... T.T

Just that for now, let´s cheer Kat and Sinlinara so we got the chapter soon ^.^/

See you later :)

martes, 7 de julio de 2015

ZKC 411 "Otakus are disgusting..."

I don´t know why i feel identified with this chapter T.T

Sorry for being delayed but we got out of schedule thanks to hourousha, but because there´s not chapter this week take it as if we have one xD

Just that hope you like it :)


viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

WANDERER 01 + 1yr of Zettai Translation Project!!

Hello everyone!! How are you?

This time i have a lot to say but first the important one:

As we promised here´s the first part of Wanderer, the new manga of Ogaki Rokuro that follows the adventures of Hinomiya Andy, this time he´s in Buenos Aires, Argentina (or how will be called in that fictional world).
And about it i really want to thank Mir for provide the raws for this release and hopefully he will be helping us with them forward ^.^ so if you can please thank him in his Tumblr Blog HERE

And as always thank a lot Kat and Sinlinara, it´s thank to they that we can give this quality release, (i know that i everytime say this but it´s true) so if you can please thank them too (you know where to find their tumblr blogs ;).

Also, did you notice? It´s been one year since this scanlation was created, i know, it´s just time but i´m truly prideful of that, at first when i started to translate the lasts chapter of ZKC that the past group left uncompleted i didn´t think that ther will be more after that, until today we´ve made more than 40 chapters of ZKC, completed the remaining omakes of volumes, and now we make our second official project with a really capable staff Kat (Cleaner, Typesetter, Genius) , Sinlinara (Proofreader, Corrections, English Master), and I (Half-Assed Translator xD) and as i said at first i didn´t think that we´re goint to be translating weekly the series and with the quality that we´re doing right now.

And more over, i want to thank readers a lot for your continuing support, from the person who comment (here, in batoto, tumblr, etc,), to the person who gives "+1", who came weekly to read the blog (even with my crappy english xD)  etc, i really appreciate that and personally for things like that i really enjoy doing this.

Just that, hopefully we´ll last until any of this mangas ends xD

Lastly here´s the chapter hope you like it :)


And here´s a little bonus from Kat, is the HD cleaned image from above if you want to use it as wallpaper:


jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

(Chapter Status) ZKC 411 & WANDERER 01

Hello everyone i have great news!!
Remember that sometime ago i said that if we get the raws for the new manga of ZKC we´ll be translating it? well, we got them ( so currenly we´re working on it so soon we´ll be publishing it!

Also i´m about to start translating chapter 411 of ZKC but this week has a lot of text so may be delayed a bit o-o but don´t be hasty next week there isn´t chapter so...

Just that see you soon :D