jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

ZKC 441 "Winter Soldier (2)" Special Version With Color Pages!! + WALLPAPER

Hello everyone!!

It took us time but here it is, this super special chapter, for starters this chapter had a color spread that Kat arranged superbly to do the above wallpaper (is included in the chapter if you want it :D) and above that Mir-sama :) took the time to color the first three pages completely!! So just imagine it, after long time we see some of Gilliam motivations and even we get to see a lot of funny scenes. And as always the great work of Kat and Sinlinara to make this chapter the best is something that always amuses me

I really hope that you enjoy this chapter as much we did. And please if you can Thanks Mir, Kat and Sinlinara in his respectives blogs :)

That´s all enjoy the chapter!

As a side note: Due the rumours about MEGA close (i don´t know if they´re true or false) i´ll start to add a new server to download the chapter that his files will last long, in this case is rapidgator as well the ones we are using, dropbox, mega. Soon i´ll be backing up the rest of the volumes and chapters there.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

ZKC 440 "Fugitive (1)" + ZKC 441 status update

Well here we are again :)

This chapter took us a lot of time because it has a loot of text and the quality of scans aren´t getting better -.-

Finnally we will know what happened to Minamoto and Sakaki and they will encounter allies there...?? If you want to know read right now!!

Also chapter 441 is already translated and hopefully soon we´ll release it, sadly this week there´s golden week so there will not be chapter 442 until next time D:

martes, 19 de abril de 2016

ZKC 439 "Another´s Battle (6)"

Hello everyone~

With this chapter "Another´s Battle" arc end. what will await for Minamoto and Sakaki?? This is a joke like always from Fujiko-san?? The secret tecnique of Magi?? Hyoubu´s traits are uncover?? Read soon to find about ;)

And as always i want to thank Kat (for all work she is have put in this one) and Sinlinara for the chapters she´s correcting right now and Mir for all the support and help in this chapter :,) i don´t know how i could repay you. Please if you can thank them in their blogs

jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

ZKC 438 "Another´s Battle" + Just two more

Hello everyone~ We´re just left two chapters to be at the current chapter, as always i hope to enjoy this chapter and please thanks Kat, Sinlinara and Mir because if it´s wasn´t for them this won´t be possible :D

sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

ZKC 437 "Another´s Battle (4)" +We´re Back

Well finally after a long hiatus we´re back in the rails ^^

Sadly we have to do up to chapter 440 so cheer us  a little, even thought it was by my fault but let´s not talk about it D:

And what to say this chapter is really funny i wonder what Black Phantoms plans are...? Hopefully we´ll know soon...

That Kaoru xD

martes, 5 de abril de 2016

(Status Update) ZKC 437 - 438 - 439 "Again delayed but not dead"

Special Thanks to Mir

Hello!! Everyone sorry for the sudden hiatus (again) but i just want to inform you that we´re already working in the chapter that are pending so don´t worry and know that i´m really thankful for you concern and suppor messages. Soon (hopefully) we´ll be working as always :)