domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

ZKC 433 "And the spy is...?"

Hello everyone!!
Again, sorry for the delay in this chapter i still haven´t been well recently. but well i finally i´m alive and splashing  And soon well have chapter 434 ready too :)

Finally we´ll know who´s the spy...?? Read to know it ;)

martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

ZKC 432 "From the Shadow (3)" + My Status D:

Hello everyone!
Sorry for all this time in hiatus, well, to be sincere this chapter was ready since saturday but i couldn´t upload it until today xd
This was because since friday i was bedrideen in cause i contracted "dengue" a desease that leaves you in a bad state so i couldn´t even do this -.-
I getting better but i still have to rest so past week and this week chapter i´ll work in them until this thursday because i can rest from work that day...

And well just that sorry for the delay but i hope you can enjoy the chapter and if you hadn´t read the new raws the thriller too ;)