Before you continue i want warn you, this seccion is +18 so if you are minor please leave this page NOW!!

Hello everyone, i know this may be a truly surprising section, in the blog, but i was planning to inagurate it a long time ago.

First of all, the reason why i added this to the blog, is because i´m a great fan of doujinshis, so inmediately when i got in love of ZKC i had to search for doujinshis, but it was a great deception that there aren´t a lot of them and less translated in english, so I the underworld translate some of them, so i leave them here if you want to read them.
The first four were translated by me, with another name and blog, but don´t mind about it ^.^  and the last one was one that was translated by Empire Scans (The previous translator of ZKC) and is the better of all so i highly recommend you read it.

In the future i pretend add more doujinshis that are translated, but later...

All of them are vanilla stories, and neither of them have Lol#c0n so rest assured :)

Sorry for my crap, cleaning and typsetting, this i why always remind you that you must thank Kat for her help XD

[Ashita no Kouda (Kouda Tomohiro)] Esuchu! (Zettai Karen Children)

Sinopsis: Minamoto x Kaoru

[Koudansha (Kouda Tomohiro)] Esuchu! 2 (Zettai Karen Children)
Sinopsis: Minamoto x Kaoru x Desert Island

[Koudansha (Kouda Tomohiro)] Esuchu! 3 (Zettai Karen Children)
Sinopsis: Minamoto x Aoi x Drugs

Online (Only for now)

[Koudansha (Kouda Tomohiro)] Esuchu! 4 (Zettai Karen Children)
Sinopsis: Minamoto x Shiho

Online (Only for now)

[RIX (Mamiya Tsukiko)] Fallen Angel (Zettai Karen Children) 
Sinopsis: Hatsune x Akira, Hyoubu x Fujiko, Sakaki x Shiho