martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

ZKC 426 "Day of Date (3)" Yuri no~

Thanks Mir You´re Awesome :,)
Hello everyone, well here it is, with this we´re finally on time for next chapters :)
Sadly, this week there´s isn´t chapter so we´ll have to wait next week to know how Yuu´re genious perfect plan works (when you see it... xD)
I think this plot may be a interesting issue can you imagine Kaoru with a boyfriend?

Just that, i´ll not spoil you more, read it and be happy :)

Also if you want to download Yuuri colored image by Mir you can download it just | HERE |

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

ZKC 425 "Day of Date (2)" + SORRY FOR THE WAIT D:

Mir color this page pleaseeee~ xD

Hello everyone after a long delay here´s chapter 425!!
The reason for this delay it´s because we got really late the raws and all this past weekend i was working as crazy in my real life job and i couldn´t translate anything xd
I´m starting to translate chapter 426 hopefully will be read this saturday
So meanwhile enjoy this one, it´s very hilarious xD

And a special thanks to Kat and Sinlinara for her hard work in this chapter i think it´s beautiful *.*

TRANSLATION NOTE: I changed the title of this arc, in the past one i wasn´t sure  but when i read this one i finally understand it :)

sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

ZKC 424 "Fanservice Banzai~"

You´ll think this was a joke we made for this entry but no, it´s the original xD That Shiho...

Hello everyone, sorry for being late but here´s the chapter of this week, we took a bit because this two week breaks leave you forgetful about this issue (well in my case xD)
But i think that it worth the wait you´ll know what i mean hahaha
Be sure to read it :)