miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014

ZKC 377 Seventh Heaven (4) "When the f*** this thing will start again!?"

And yes my friends with this we´re have ended the remaining chapters of this manga, sadly because i was reading in some of the comments of batoto that maybe (and just maybe...) the hiatus will end until september... ffffffff....
But well leaving that aside, i´m pretty happy to reach this point i know that some chapters doesn´t have the quality that all of us we want but well for that are second versions xD
I hope you like this chapter because in my opinion is very thrilling and leave very much thing to imagination, but i will not spoil you and expect that you enjoy it.

With that and the notice that maybe (and when the author wants...) we will be doing the weekly chapters when the be released so look forward to it.

Then, see ya soon ^^


The credits of the image of the upper goes for Kat so thank her too in her tumblr ;)