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ZKC 392 "Merry Christmas!!"

Remember that this is an official artwork so don´t blame me xD
Hello everyone! After a week of inactivity we´re back to brought you the new chapter, this time we had a little delay because the chapter was released exactly in Christmas so for me was difficult start right away but after all that made it for you, is it a bit late indeed but here´s your weekly chapter as Christmas present so enjoy it :D

And that´s it for the moment, comment if you can and if you want to see an alternative picture for this realease click below xD

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ZKC 391 "Last time were 1 good 1 bad this time..."

This goes to a poster :)
Hey everyone we´re back with the new chapter and i presume you that this time on a record time u.u
Also as the title suggest i have 2 bad news for you :(
1. As you remember in the previous entries i say that maybe this chapter will be of a double lenght about 40 pages... but i got wrong it´s a single chapter of 18 pages...
2. Next week also there´s not chapter...

And just that for the moment of bad news let´s wait quietly for the next chapters.

Here´s the chapter enjoy it :)

P.D. Finally added the MEGA link in the previous chapter (i forgot add it before) xD

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(UPDATE) Inactivity...

This is just an illustrative picture i hope you don´t mind xD
Hello everyone i just posting this to remind you that we´re still alive so don´t worry about your next chapters of ZKC, the thing is that the previous week there were no chapter so we´re been lazy xD.

In my case i have been playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 so that´s why i haven´t had time to publish anything hehe

Also, thanks that i read Hayate no Gotoku! (which is serializated in the same magazine as ZKC) looks like this week chapter will be a double edition!! (I´m guessing but that´s 40 pages!!)
So there´s the possibily that this take more time but when we have it we´ll tell you :)

ALSO, i´m not the kind of people who ask for donatives for this work but if someone... somewhere... want to give me something i accept them in form of Pokemon Shinys, legendaries in Pokemon xDD

I leave you here my FC 2578-4045-1663 just think it and let me know in the comments XD

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ZKC 390 "Hiatus...???"

Sorry for the delay, as a present here`s a Kaoru`s pantyshot xD
And first, again sorry for the delay, i have some problems with my computer and i could`t upload when was finished T.T
But the good thing is finally here, and what about the chapter, this time is really serious almost don`t have funny scenes but i can say that is really good...
The BAD thing is that probably next week the series will take a break so will be no chapter and luckily in two weeks i`ll be back :)

And well, i don`t want to make things bitter so here`s the chapter, enjoy it!!

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ZKC 389 "Hyoubu no~"

You can guess what happen from here...
Hello everyone it´s me Haolen :)

This time the  week chapter is very short but we get to see a lot of action (you will see...) xD
I hope that you enjo y it and like it, like we do :)

And again i hope you can thank Kat and Sinlinara in her respectives blogs because thanks to they the chapter is of a very good quality


EDIT: Fixed links :)

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ZKC 388 "So... you wanted more Student Council President Hyoubu?"

... You have come to the right place xD

As we promised, the chapter is finally here, and this week we have a lot of revelations, gags, a epic fail, and maybe a turning point for Matsukaze...
But i won´t tell you more, i hope you enjoy the chapter and if you can comment the chapter and thank Kat and sinlinara in her respective blogs :)

Then, until the next chapter :D


(Status Inform) ZKC 388 "A day that longed two weeks..."

Hey, sorry for the delay, but im gladly to inform you that the translation is ready and practicaly the cleaning and stuff too, we´re basically waiting for the profread :) and if everything go well that chapter will be ready for today at night or tomorrow.

And believe the wait is worth, this chapter is very good, it starts next day where the past ended just you figure xD

And well just that for the moment, wait for it haha

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So i´ve just finished to read GS Mikami´s Manga...

Because, in many forums and comments around the web i had seen a lot of reviews were they said that Zettai Karen Children is inferior than GS Mikami and well i give myself the task to check it.

This is a short review that may contain some spoilers related to the end of the series, so if you want to read it be aware of this.

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Hello everyone, soon that i expected but is finally here!! And actually the chapter doesn´t have anything about Halloween...  xD
This time we will see an scene with Kaoru and Matsukaze, also Hyoubu will meet an old enemy, but i will not tell you more, you must read now...

And i remember you again, next week there´s not lolis chapter D:

And well, just that enjoy the chapter :)

BTW: I hadn´t said it but the dropbox links are provided by Kat so one more thing to thank her, and you know where ;)

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(Status Update) ZKC 387 "Good News, Bad News"

I´m sorry! I´m really sorry!!
That´s what i´m wanted to say you, sorry for not say anything, this days i have been a little busy but finally i could make it :)

And well i want to give you all the good news first:

-This chapters is short so maybe if all goes well for tomorrow or saturday may be ready so stay tunned

And now the bads news...



And well, for the moment just that another good news is that maybe i´ll use the time to translate something else but we will see hehe

See ya later :)

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ZKC 386 "That Hyoubu..."

Hello, everyone!! We´re back and finished this chapter :)

This chapter continues exactly when the other ended, the student council president talks with Matsukaze and the others, what will happen...? go to read right now to know :D

And just that for the moment, and as always remember thanks Kat and Sinlinara in her tumblr´s.

See ya later and enjoy the chapter

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ZKC 385 "Guess who is back"

Well, here´s the chapter finally, an we´re finally with the actual chapter :)
And what to say this chapter was very problematic but we´re very proud with the result if i have to say this i give it a score of 100/100 u.u and all thanks to Kat and Sinlinara  so don´t forget to thanks them for her effort to avoid that the chapter looks like this entrys of mine xD.

And well, just that i hope you enjoy the chapter because it´s as you imagine when hear that hyoubu´s back... Fuck yeah :D

At the end, with this chapter we start a new mini-arc "School Paradise" just for you know... :)

Enjoy the chapter!

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ZKC 384 "Back in action" + (Status Inform) ZKC 385 "Hyoubu´s back"

Finally! we´re back after all those problems with the raws, the translations, etc. :D
And yeah we´re delayed one week, but if you see it from good side this week it´s like we have 2 chapters :)
Also i want to say that this chapter is a little lazy but very significative for the upcoming so i recommend you to give more time to the history u.u. And in this chapter we will know the intentions of Minamoto about Matsukaze (Look the image above) xD

And about the chapter 385 i happy to say that the translation is ready and with luck maybe this sunday will be ready too so stay tunned and enjoy first this :D

Also, we´re having problems with the raws if you somehow can get them don´t doubt in sending them to me or kat she in his Tumblr and I here :)

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(Status Inform) ZKC 384 "Almost..."

Sorry for don´t update anything this lasts days, i have been busy,
And well, we had tought that this past there hasn´t been any chapter but recently checking in the comment i see that the chapter is in senmanga... this happen yesterday. So we´re obtaining the raws and translation from there, but this translation is a lot of difficult because there´s a los of serious talk in all the chapter so i think that together with the proofread and typesetting maybe this will be ready for next weednesday so don´t despair :)

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(Status Inform) ZKC 384 "Again, we don´t have raws..."

So we have to wait get the raws the good news is that maybe same like the last time we can make the two releases the next week xD

And well, just that for the moment, see ya soon :)

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ZKC 383 "Shocking revelation!!" (UPDATE)

Hello Haolen again!
This chapter is ready in time record, i hope we can keep going like this ^^
And what to say this chapter really good, the villain make his aparition and we get a new perspective of Matsukaze... you have to see u.u
And we finally know the identity from the mysterious masked man! So what are you waiting for? read ASAP!!

Enjoy it :)


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(Status Inform) ZKC 383

His identity is revealed!! A shocking revelation!!!!!
So good news this week, the chapter raws were in time!!
And also the translation is finished there´s only wait for the rest but if everything goes well maybe for friday this will be ready!!
And well for the moment that´s all, remember that you can cheer Kat and Sinlinara in her respective blogs so if you can, do it ^^

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ZKC 382 "Birdman attacks!!"

Shiho.... you really are a fearful one...
You know, after every chapter recently i think that Matsukaze will be getting a bloody ending xD

Well, that aside, finally we finish this, and you know this wasn´t a very difficult chapter (in translation matter), but it was really difficult to end it. But well after all the blood, sweat and tears here you have it. Enjoy it :D

At last, thank you very much to the people that share this in google+ im very grateful to you guys for helping me in making this translation to spread to more people :D

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ZKC Omake Vol. 39 "Meanwhile a little dosis of ZKC until this week chapter is done"

So by the time we wait to the chapter is ready i left you this for the moment ;D
I hope you like it!

(Status Update) ZKC 382

Hello everyone sorry for not update this soon but i was a little busy.
Right now, we´ve get the raws in japanese for the chapter and i start right now to translate it so you can expect the chapter maybe tomorrow :)

Just that for the moment see you later :)

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(Status inform) ZKC 382 "We don´t have japanese raws :("

The most drammatic spoiler in all the manga
Thanks to a very nice reader we got the raws (but in chinese) so for the moment is the only thing that we have, i read in Kat´s blog that maybe this friday in her back up page the raws maybe will be publicated but nothing for sure, or maybe if BSPikey get the raws we´ll have them soon but it´s just time to wait...

Or... if you know Chinese and you want to be a honour translator from Zettai Translation Project for this chapter don´t doubt in contact me at ;)

P.D. If you want to see the raw provided by Anonym X you can read it here 

For the moment just that in kept you informed about what happened :)

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ZKC 381 "The consecuences"

Well, it´s ready!! This chapter continues successfully the previous chapter if you´re anxious to know what happened read right away! :D

Also this time i really want to adknowledge Kat and Sinlinara, because the great quality of the chapter is thanks to them, i´m very proud of the result ^^ really if you can go to her blogs to thank them.

And with that sorry for the delay and enjoy the chapter :)


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(Status inform) chapter is out!!

I know, i´m not very imaginative with this post but well i think they fullfil its function :)

And what to say, i wanted to finish the translation before publish this there´s only the typesetting and the proofread (just that xD) to be completed and really i lasted for so long because that bubble (the one you saw upside) i longed 1 hour just for translate that...
It´s becuase i neve have seen a katana with kanjis in furigana, and i looked the phrase in a lot of dictionaries and i doesn´t not found anything after i tought and came out the answer she (i hate you kaoru =_=) is using one phrase to short "Zettai ni Yurusanai" (I will never forgive you) into "Zette Yuru"
I know that no one cares but this chapter was really difficul ;_; and i just wanted to vent all this thing.

Also you know who i hate too? In the good sense and only for the difficulty to translate... Aoi, freaking kioto accent. Believe me sometimes i don´t know nothing .-.

And well just that, for the moment i think that if everything goes well the chapter will be ready this friday so expect it

And for the last i was reading the manga again and if found one curious reference do you remember it?
I love one piece xD

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ZKC 380 "I don´t want to spoil but... "

You know todays chapter is really... really... good :)
It´s only my opinion but all the time i was translating this time i was laughting, and when not i was really surprised, (you will see why if you read it).
And of course i admit that what happened this time is very risky but the thrill sometimes it´s good :)

Also, remember that if you can thank Kat and Sinlinara for his great help in the chapter
And tell me you impressions of the chapter, do you liked? you hated? thank you? in the comments you can tell me ;D

And with that, enjoy the chapter see ya.

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(Status Inform) This week is out!!

Well, i think from now i will publish to tease you inform you about the status of the chapter be that  if there will be delay or if there´s problems with it :)

But i´m happy to tell everyone that the chapter is already translated!! There´s only left the most important the proofread and the Typesetting and cleaning and again if everything goes well maybe for tomorrow or friday we will be publish it.

So go to Kat and Sinlinara to cheer them :D

See ya later ^^

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ZKC 379 "Ahh the love comedies :D"

Hello everyone this chapter week is ready for you to read!!
Again this chapter quality is thanks to Kat and Sinlinara so if you can thank them in their respective blogs :D

What to say, the chapter i very cool and fun i think you all will enjoy it xD
Besides, the 4-koma are back!! I hope you like them too

And the last if you can comment the chapter please do it they are the fuel that motivates this ^^

Well that´s all, enjoy it :)

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The chapter is out!!

It is not a spoiler but something that you can expect in this new chapter xD

Hello Haolen desu~

I´m here to report this chapter week is fully translated at this point (yeah ;D)
There´s only left the proofread and of course the typesetting but it´s really short so if everything goes well maybe tomorrow we´ll be released :D and if not this friday without doubt ^^

So expect it :)

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ZKC 378 "Za Children! At you service!" FINALLY!!!

Hello!! As we promised here´s this chapter week!!
I´m very proud of the result, thanks to Kat and Sinlinara the quality is perfect i really think that you will no have problems with it.
And i don´t want to spoiler you but when you see a joke with a turtle maybe you understand it if you think a "Cola" in the refrigerator... *ba dum tss*

And what to say enjoy the chapter and if you can comment it ^^

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The chapter is out!!

Hello!! i want to inform you about the progress of this chapter week for you to not desperate :D

Firstly thanks to Kat i got the raw of the chapter so i´m translating in this moment i´m in the page 10/30 i hope i can finish it today.

Also Kat is in process to clean the raw.

If i finish the translation today and the proofread is finished too tomorrow you can expect the chapter maybe this friday or saturday so you can come back then

If anything happens i will inform you from here so come often ^^

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ZCK Omake Vol. 38 "Sexy Kaoru is the best"

Hello it´s me Haolen again :D

We present you this time the omake from the vol. 38 personally i don´t like to advance some part of the story when i do a release but this time because i requested Kat to color this image of Kaoru it´s why im doing it this time i hope you don´t mind. And be sincere isn´t awesome?

Also, to this release i want to give an very special thanks to Sinlinara the proofreader of the chapter. Because her help the quality of the chapter augmented like a 150% (I really thought that my English was decent but now i see that is not xD).

And with that i have finish i hope you really enjoy the chapter and have fun with it and if you can thank Kat for this color in his tumblr :D

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ZKC Omake Vol. 37

Hello guys !!
Here it is the omake for vol. 37 have fun within
Again i´ll not spoiler you and i think this chapter too have a very good quality but you say :)

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

ZKC Chapter 371-374 revised versions :D

Hello everyone, Haolen again, i was wondering what image put in this entry and i found this screencaps of the anime don´t you think that this was an epic episode? xD

We brought to you this time the revised versions of chapters 371, 372, 373 and 374 thanks to Sinlinara help to Proofread them and Kat for typesetting and cleaining, and if i have to say they´re pretty readable now ^^ i hope you like it.
And just for you know we´re working right now in the next omakes wait for them :)

371: MEGA//Batoto
372: MEGA//Batoto
373: MEGA//Batoto
374: MEGA//Batoto

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ZKC Volume 36 Omake + Not dead yet :)

Hello everyone!!
It´s been a long time but we´re back better than never, this time we brought to you one omake from the volume 36 of ZKC manga that left, i will not tell you what is about but read it, is very funny :D
And i think you will note that this chapter have a very good level of quality thanks to *Sinlinara and Yuri who helped us in proofread and clean this manga so i give them a very special thank for this and i hope in next chapter continue to helping me with this.

And more than that i hope you enjoy this extras and wait for the next ones and when manga resumes we´ll do it too :D

See ya later and if you can comment this chapter :)

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A little bonus: Zettai Karen Children Character Song ~UNLIMITED~

Hello everyone, here has been a little of inactivy, so i thought in translate something and i came with this, this is a collection of Character songs from the "Karen Guys" xD but well that´s not the important thing, the important is between the songs there´s a little dramas that tells a part of the history of final arc i have to tell i really like it. So i translate it for you to hear it and make you think a little when the manga restart (This is just what happens at the end or will be part of that blank future...?) You decide :D
NOTE: I didn´t translate the songs... i know but that´s because i´m a little lazy and as i said before that´s not the important... but i highly recommend to hear it too they´re awesome :)

I leave you the links to download the audio files and of course my translation. Note that this time again i didn´t have the thing proofreaded not because a couldn´t get the help or want to be mediocre it´s just because i really want to get better in english and the best method is working in it and of course have your feedback :)
(I really want that one day all you say "The translation was understable and good" )
Also, one last thing, sometimes in this kind of releases i see that some people edits a video with the audio and the translation with subtitles and get uploaded to youtube, to be honest i will not do it but if some of you want to do it feel free to use the my translation for that :D (of course with the respective credits...) and share the links with me to add them here :)

And with that here´s the links enjoy it please note that there´s too a spanish version of the translation:

Ademas un pequeño mensaje para mis lectores en español come verán aquí también añadí un traducción en español del CD Drama ¿Esto con que fin? Sencillamente para iniciar algo nuevo, estoy pensando en a partir de ahora a partir de que se re-inicie el manga original hacer los releases en español y en ingles asi como algun otro proyecto que se lleve por aquí, aunque también me agradaría la idea de que si hay algún fansub interesado les puedo pasar el script que haga en ingles para que lo traduzcan y solo referirlos de aqui. Pero por supuesto para esto me gustaría su opinión de si valdria la pena o no pero para eso quedo a sus ordenes en los comentarios o en mi correo. ¡¡Un saludos a todos!!

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ZKC 377 Seventh Heaven (4) "When the f*** this thing will start again!?"

And yes my friends with this we´re have ended the remaining chapters of this manga, sadly because i was reading in some of the comments of batoto that maybe (and just maybe...) the hiatus will end until september... ffffffff....
But well leaving that aside, i´m pretty happy to reach this point i know that some chapters doesn´t have the quality that all of us we want but well for that are second versions xD
I hope you like this chapter because in my opinion is very thrilling and leave very much thing to imagination, but i will not spoil you and expect that you enjoy it.

With that and the notice that maybe (and when the author wants...) we will be doing the weekly chapters when the be released so look forward to it.

Then, see ya soon ^^


The credits of the image of the upper goes for Kat so thank her too in her tumblr ;)

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ZKC 375 & 376 Seventh Heaven (2) & (3) "The end is near"

Well, you know this "end" was about one year ago but you understand right?...
And aside that well this project is near to the end the next release will be the last published chapter and with that... the agony...!!! I hope will be true that this nexth month we have back ZKC :D.
And... That gives the step for the next notice, talking with Kat (The superhuman who have help me with the chapters and basically did the most of these) and with Philips (A master of masters in proofread) we have decided that if the original manga is back soon we´ll translate it following the serialization at least with a decent quality of the chapters so expect it ^^
And with that i leave for the moment and i hope you enjoy the chapters and if you can comment ;)

Until later...

375: MEGA//Online
376: MEGA//Online

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The beginning of the end ZKC 374 Seventh Heaven (1) + New Blog Design :D

Hello guys, my name is Haolen and i´m an alcoholic... ok no.

Well being serious here is the first part of the seventh heaven arc of the manga the only bad thing is that is pretty freakin short (you will see) but i hope that you enjoy it and if you like it please comment and give your impressions :)
And i know that it is a little difficult to read in this first versions but please wait us a bit soon enough when we end all this things we will do the remakes with betters translations but in my experience if we stop now and redo this first ones we will have a paralysis and in the end we will do nothing i hope you understand it a little bit more and excuse the grammar issues at least for the moment. :D

And in another thing i modified the theme of the chapter i hope that it will be more clear that the other :D

And with that enjoy the chapter and for the moment good bye~

lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Double Release: ZKC 372 & 373 End of Return From Phantom mini-arc!!!

Hello again you guys, It´s mee Haolen! xD

This time the release cover the end of this arc Return From Phantom i hope you enjoy it ^^
One thing about this chapters it´s that i only did some corrections in the translation but practilly all of this chapter were made previously by Kat and i asked her permission to use her version and we ended helping each other to release the chapter more fast, so as you can see in the credits page i only did a little of proofread and a little of corrections so please thank Kat too by this chapters in his blog:

And with that we will keep working in order to do the remaining chapter so wait for them soon :)

And... enjoy this two chapters :D

372:  MEGA//Online
373:  MEGA// Online

And also previously with the help from other collaborator "Philips" we do the remake of the first chapter with a better translation so if you want to read it i left it here too :D

370v2: MEGA//Online 

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ZKC 371 Return From Phantom (2)

Hello everyone this is the second entry of the blog!!
And for bring to you this chapter enjoy it, i got the help from Kat a very nice person that help me with almost all the chapter and with better raws, and the proofread :)
If you can thank her too in his tumblr

And by the moment that´s all i have one surprise for you next time :)

martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Inauguration of the Blog and first work ZKC 370

Hello world, Im Haolen and from now on i will try to translate all the remaining chapter of this series. Yoroshikuonegaishimasu~ And like the title says with this entry we inagurate this project.
Sincerily i don´t know when the next chapter will be ready but don´t think that will be in much time maybe next week tehe.
And well in some technical data about this chapters i been using a very low quality scans so if anyone have better scans don´t doubt in sending them to me i will be very grateful to you.
And also this is the V01 of this chapter in sometime i will try to improve it in translation like quality of the pages.
And if anyone have and issue or something like raws HQ o want to help can contact me in

So till next time :)