lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

ZKC 382 "Birdman attacks!!"

Shiho.... you really are a fearful one...
You know, after every chapter recently i think that Matsukaze will be getting a bloody ending xD

Well, that aside, finally we finish this, and you know this wasn´t a very difficult chapter (in translation matter), but it was really difficult to end it. But well after all the blood, sweat and tears here you have it. Enjoy it :D

At last, thank you very much to the people that share this in google+ im very grateful to you guys for helping me in making this translation to spread to more people :D

sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

ZKC Omake Vol. 39 "Meanwhile a little dosis of ZKC until this week chapter is done"

So by the time we wait to the chapter is ready i left you this for the moment ;D
I hope you like it!

(Status Update) ZKC 382

Hello everyone sorry for not update this soon but i was a little busy.
Right now, we´ve get the raws in japanese for the chapter and i start right now to translate it so you can expect the chapter maybe tomorrow :)

Just that for the moment see you later :)

miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2014

(Status inform) ZKC 382 "We don´t have japanese raws :("

The most drammatic spoiler in all the manga
Thanks to a very nice reader we got the raws (but in chinese) so for the moment is the only thing that we have, i read in Kat´s blog that maybe this friday in her back up page the raws maybe will be publicated but nothing for sure, or maybe if BSPikey get the raws we´ll have them soon but it´s just time to wait...

Or... if you know Chinese and you want to be a honour translator from Zettai Translation Project for this chapter don´t doubt in contact me at ;)

P.D. If you want to see the raw provided by Anonym X you can read it here 

For the moment just that in kept you informed about what happened :)

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

ZKC 381 "The consecuences"

Well, it´s ready!! This chapter continues successfully the previous chapter if you´re anxious to know what happened read right away! :D

Also this time i really want to adknowledge Kat and Sinlinara, because the great quality of the chapter is thanks to them, i´m very proud of the result ^^ really if you can go to her blogs to thank them.

And with that sorry for the delay and enjoy the chapter :)


miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

(Status inform) chapter is out!!

I know, i´m not very imaginative with this post but well i think they fullfil its function :)

And what to say, i wanted to finish the translation before publish this there´s only the typesetting and the proofread (just that xD) to be completed and really i lasted for so long because that bubble (the one you saw upside) i longed 1 hour just for translate that...
It´s becuase i neve have seen a katana with kanjis in furigana, and i looked the phrase in a lot of dictionaries and i doesn´t not found anything after i tought and came out the answer she (i hate you kaoru =_=) is using one phrase to short "Zettai ni Yurusanai" (I will never forgive you) into "Zette Yuru"
I know that no one cares but this chapter was really difficul ;_; and i just wanted to vent all this thing.

Also you know who i hate too? In the good sense and only for the difficulty to translate... Aoi, freaking kioto accent. Believe me sometimes i don´t know nothing .-.

And well just that, for the moment i think that if everything goes well the chapter will be ready this friday so expect it

And for the last i was reading the manga again and if found one curious reference do you remember it?
I love one piece xD

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

ZKC 380 "I don´t want to spoil but... "

You know todays chapter is really... really... good :)
It´s only my opinion but all the time i was translating this time i was laughting, and when not i was really surprised, (you will see why if you read it).
And of course i admit that what happened this time is very risky but the thrill sometimes it´s good :)

Also, remember that if you can thank Kat and Sinlinara for his great help in the chapter
And tell me you impressions of the chapter, do you liked? you hated? thank you? in the comments you can tell me ;D

And with that, enjoy the chapter see ya.

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

(Status Inform) This week is out!!

Well, i think from now i will publish to tease you inform you about the status of the chapter be that  if there will be delay or if there´s problems with it :)

But i´m happy to tell everyone that the chapter is already translated!! There´s only left the most important the proofread and the Typesetting and cleaning and again if everything goes well maybe for tomorrow or friday we will be publish it.

So go to Kat and Sinlinara to cheer them :D

See ya later ^^

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

ZKC 379 "Ahh the love comedies :D"

Hello everyone this chapter week is ready for you to read!!
Again this chapter quality is thanks to Kat and Sinlinara so if you can thank them in their respective blogs :D

What to say, the chapter i very cool and fun i think you all will enjoy it xD
Besides, the 4-koma are back!! I hope you like them too

And the last if you can comment the chapter please do it they are the fuel that motivates this ^^

Well that´s all, enjoy it :)

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

The chapter is out!!

It is not a spoiler but something that you can expect in this new chapter xD

Hello Haolen desu~

I´m here to report this chapter week is fully translated at this point (yeah ;D)
There´s only left the proofread and of course the typesetting but it´s really short so if everything goes well maybe tomorrow we´ll be released :D and if not this friday without doubt ^^

So expect it :)