viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

ZKC 392 "Merry Christmas!!"

Remember that this is an official artwork so don´t blame me xD
Hello everyone! After a week of inactivity we´re back to brought you the new chapter, this time we had a little delay because the chapter was released exactly in Christmas so for me was difficult start right away but after all that made it for you, is it a bit late indeed but here´s your weekly chapter as Christmas present so enjoy it :D

And that´s it for the moment, comment if you can and if you want to see an alternative picture for this realease click below xD

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

ZKC 391 "Last time were 1 good 1 bad this time..."

This goes to a poster :)
Hey everyone we´re back with the new chapter and i presume you that this time on a record time u.u
Also as the title suggest i have 2 bad news for you :(
1. As you remember in the previous entries i say that maybe this chapter will be of a double lenght about 40 pages... but i got wrong it´s a single chapter of 18 pages...
2. Next week also there´s not chapter...

And just that for the moment of bad news let´s wait quietly for the next chapters.

Here´s the chapter enjoy it :)

P.D. Finally added the MEGA link in the previous chapter (i forgot add it before) xD

lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

(UPDATE) Inactivity...

This is just an illustrative picture i hope you don´t mind xD
Hello everyone i just posting this to remind you that we´re still alive so don´t worry about your next chapters of ZKC, the thing is that the previous week there were no chapter so we´re been lazy xD.

In my case i have been playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 so that´s why i haven´t had time to publish anything hehe

Also, thanks that i read Hayate no Gotoku! (which is serializated in the same magazine as ZKC) looks like this week chapter will be a double edition!! (I´m guessing but that´s 40 pages!!)
So there´s the possibily that this take more time but when we have it we´ll tell you :)

ALSO, i´m not the kind of people who ask for donatives for this work but if someone... somewhere... want to give me something i accept them in form of Pokemon Shinys, legendaries in Pokemon xDD

I leave you here my FC 2578-4045-1663 just think it and let me know in the comments XD