sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

New Project: To Love-Ru Darkness DIGITAL COLORED EDITION ch. 30

Hello everyone!
As i told you before here´s a new personal project i´ll be doing, luckily for this i´m just using CXC scans translation (sorry for not ask but i hope you don´t mind) cause as i said sometimes before i love To Love-Ru saga a lot :)

I asked permission to Tak3z0 before start with the promise that i´ll try to bring one chapter at least  weekly (of course without affect zkc) and after one night it´s ready this first chapter. I hope you like it ^.^
There will be another surprise later for ZKC so wait for it ;)

ZKC 444 "Winter Soldier (5)"

"It´s summer" (So why the name of the arc is Winter Soldier??) Color: Mir
Hello everyone as we promised here´s the chapter!!
Finally we´ll know what the enemy´s esper abilities are but that´s all?? At least next week there´s chapter so let´s see what happen :)

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

(Status Update) ZKC 444 + ZKC Anime + ???

Simply awesome thanks to Mir :)
Hello this entry is to just inform you that the chapter is almost ready hopefully it´ll be ready for tomorrow :)

And just look what Mir give us for this chapter!! This color of the portrait for the chapter isn´t just beautiful?? If you can please thank him too in his tumblr HERE

Also all this hiatus i were watching ZKC anime and i remembered why do i got in love of this series :,) i almost cry several times and even when at this point we know that everything will be fine and why thing were like they were it´s a valuable experience go back and see it again. The opening, endings, ost was so nostalgic that got hooked again with it ♥ .
If you want, i add two new tags in the top of the blog where you can watch it online (and even download it you just have to register but it´s not obligatory thought...)  >.<

I´m working in two projects more for the blog as soon i advance with them i´ll be publish them stay tuned!! :)

sábado, 7 de mayo de 2016

ZKC 442 "Winter Soldier (3)"

Hello everyone!!
Finally, FINALLY!! We caught up with the weekly releases!!
Sorry for the wait we had some intern problems but after all those here we have. Read it now that it´s hot xD