viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

ZKC 378 "Za Children! At you service!" FINALLY!!!

Hello!! As we promised here´s this chapter week!!
I´m very proud of the result, thanks to Kat and Sinlinara the quality is perfect i really think that you will no have problems with it.
And i don´t want to spoiler you but when you see a joke with a turtle maybe you understand it if you think a "Cola" in the refrigerator... *ba dum tss*

And what to say enjoy the chapter and if you can comment it ^^

miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

The chapter is out!!

Hello!! i want to inform you about the progress of this chapter week for you to not desperate :D

Firstly thanks to Kat i got the raw of the chapter so i´m translating in this moment i´m in the page 10/30 i hope i can finish it today.

Also Kat is in process to clean the raw.

If i finish the translation today and the proofread is finished too tomorrow you can expect the chapter maybe this friday or saturday so you can come back then

If anything happens i will inform you from here so come often ^^

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

ZCK Omake Vol. 38 "Sexy Kaoru is the best"

Hello it´s me Haolen again :D

We present you this time the omake from the vol. 38 personally i don´t like to advance some part of the story when i do a release but this time because i requested Kat to color this image of Kaoru it´s why im doing it this time i hope you don´t mind. And be sincere isn´t awesome?

Also, to this release i want to give an very special thanks to Sinlinara the proofreader of the chapter. Because her help the quality of the chapter augmented like a 150% (I really thought that my English was decent but now i see that is not xD).

And with that i have finish i hope you really enjoy the chapter and have fun with it and if you can thank Kat for this color in his tumblr :D

lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

ZKC Omake Vol. 37

Hello guys !!
Here it is the omake for vol. 37 have fun within
Again i´ll not spoiler you and i think this chapter too have a very good quality but you say :)

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

ZKC Chapter 371-374 revised versions :D

Hello everyone, Haolen again, i was wondering what image put in this entry and i found this screencaps of the anime don´t you think that this was an epic episode? xD

We brought to you this time the revised versions of chapters 371, 372, 373 and 374 thanks to Sinlinara help to Proofread them and Kat for typesetting and cleaining, and if i have to say they´re pretty readable now ^^ i hope you like it.
And just for you know we´re working right now in the next omakes wait for them :)

371: MEGA//Batoto
372: MEGA//Batoto
373: MEGA//Batoto
374: MEGA//Batoto

martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

ZKC Volume 36 Omake + Not dead yet :)

Hello everyone!!
It´s been a long time but we´re back better than never, this time we brought to you one omake from the volume 36 of ZKC manga that left, i will not tell you what is about but read it, is very funny :D
And i think you will note that this chapter have a very good level of quality thanks to *Sinlinara and Yuri who helped us in proofread and clean this manga so i give them a very special thank for this and i hope in next chapter continue to helping me with this.

And more than that i hope you enjoy this extras and wait for the next ones and when manga resumes we´ll do it too :D

See ya later and if you can comment this chapter :)