miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014

The beginning of the end ZKC 374 Seventh Heaven (1) + New Blog Design :D

Hello guys, my name is Haolen and i´m an alcoholic... ok no.

Well being serious here is the first part of the seventh heaven arc of the manga the only bad thing is that is pretty freakin short (you will see) but i hope that you enjoy it and if you like it please comment and give your impressions :)
And i know that it is a little difficult to read in this first versions but please wait us a bit soon enough when we end all this things we will do the remakes with betters translations but in my experience if we stop now and redo this first ones we will have a paralysis and in the end we will do nothing i hope you understand it a little bit more and excuse the grammar issues at least for the moment. :D

And in another thing i modified the theme of the chapter i hope that it will be more clear that the other :D

And with that enjoy the chapter and for the moment good bye~