This questions nobody has never asked them thought, but maybe someone has wonder about it so here they are xD if by any chance you have another to be answered just email me: haolen_asakura@hotmail.com

About the Scanlation:

What is Zettai Translation Project?
At first was a just that “A project to translate only the lasts chapters of ZKC that never were translated because the disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi JS Scans” and just by myself but later things happened and far of that objective we´ve actually translating each week ZKC chapter for the fans. And also I want to translate all the upcoming material possible for ZKC franchise. 

Why did you choose the name “Zettai Translation Project”?
I was creating the name of the scanlation in Batoto and I thought that it was simple and easy to understand, also I thought in the first release everyone was going to hate this and I wanted to make clear the temporary with “Project” just to not be destroyed by the people because my horrible abilities in English and poor quality of scans…

Do you have policies to re-upload?
No, you can upload our chapter in any online reader and you don´t have to wait anything, but the only thing that I don´t like it´s that you use pages like Adf.ly or Linkbucks for you links or online readers.

Who is the staff in Zettai Translation Project?
-Mir (Raw Provider, ZKC expert, Colorer)
-Kat (Typesetter, Cleaner)
-Cassidy (Proofreader, Social media coordinator) 
-Haolen (Translator)
-Rei (Translator)

In the future do you have in mind more projects besides ZKC?
Sincerely… no. At least in this scanlation, I don´t think I add other projects besides ZKC, because it´s very time-consuming and I don´t have too much ability managing people :/ (so I really appreciate that the actual members are so compressive with me.)

Then, how about THE UNLIMITED Manga?

You´re actually looking for more staff?
No, for the moment, because right now we´re only having one project, In the future maybe… But what we´re actually looking is for one raw supplier which can give us scans of quality so if you live in japan and love ZKC in high quality… ;)
But we do are actually looking for more proofreaders that are natives in japanese or with a high knowledge in japanes to improve the translations, if you´re willing to help send me a mail :)

About Haolen:

What means "Haolen" why do you pick that nick?
Well this nickname comes since my chilhood, have you watched/readed "Shaman King" i always have been a huge fan of that manga/anime and my favorite characters there were Asakura Hao and Tao Len so when i entered in internet and have too choose a nick... Hao + Len= Haolen XD

At first you said that you weren´t a native English speaker right? Then from where do you are?
I´m in fact a native Spanish speaker, but not from Spain, from México and i´m both an English and Japanese student.

Then why you translate in English instead of Spanish your native language?
Because, the most fans of the series read this manga in English (From USA, CHINA, RUSIA, THAI, ETC.) and in the Spanish scanlation world the public is minimum and nobody will read it thought in fact at this moment we´re only have the translation until chapter 72. So I thought i like try my skill in English and Japanese at the same time and make the releases in this language. Also I am one of the ones that thinks that English is the universal language so if it´s in English everyone will read it U.U

Is ZKC your favorite series?
Sincerely no… there´s a lot of Animes and Mangas more inside in my heart but ZKC seriously is in my Top 20 and I love it u.u

Then who is your favorite anime/manga?
… For me, Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 it´s the #1 in my heart

Who is you favorite character in ZKC?
... In a past entry i said: "Sexy Kaoru is the Best" xD

Are you an intellectual person?
I´ll say that… no, I don´t like to discuss with people very often about politics, religion, social, sport things, not even Anime nor Manga, I just read or watch and keep it shut it for me.

Then, can i add you to Skype, Google+, Facebook, etc and chat with you?
You can... but most probably i will be the most boring person that you can imagine :/ and writing like this i don´t recomend it xD
But, i totally conected trought my mail, if you have any doubts, or something that can help you contact me :)

About Kat and Sinlinara:

They are two very intellectual people and if you have any question to do they i highly recomend you read their blogs :)