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ZKC 456 "Outlaws (11)" + Chapter Update

Loli Momiji (Approved)
Hello everyone sorry for the long wait!!
We´re still left until chapter 459 hopefully we´ll be catching up soon :)

For now, i hope you enjoy the read of this chapter, finally we will know what is thing about "Shiro" :)

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ZKC 454 "Outlaws (9) BATTLE STARTS!!" + ZKC 455 - 456 UPDATE

Hello eveyone!!
Sorry for being dissapeared for so long (Stupid real life xd)
Here we go again we´re being delayed for chapter 455 and 456 (entirely by my fault sorry) but hopefully those will be ready soon :)

And what to say, this arc is becoming more and more interesting now the battle that changed everything is starting who will be victorious? Will Hyoubu maintain his advantage? just wait and see xD

Just remembering everyone, most of the updates are made in our FB page so if you want to stay tuned and see awesome pictures, coloring, news, etc. GO HERE

Or even you can keep up with us in our Twitter!! GO HERE

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ZKC 452 "Outlaws (7)"

Hello everyone!!
Haolen again, i´m back cause batato doesn´t let Kat to upload the chapter ;_;
But well, that´s how it is so hope you enjoy this chapter ^^

REMEMBER: Actually most of the updates, spoilers, and even more content is being published in our facebook page, so if you want to see exclusive ZKC pics, even read the chapters!! go there ^^


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ZKC 451 Outlaws (6)

Kat here, Here's the latest chapter! Apparently there is going to be another break now. Also Haolen pointed out our group is now 2 years old, happy anniversary for zettai translation project!

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ZKC 450 Outlaws (5)

Hello this is Kat attempting to update this myself so we can eliminate the lag time between when I finish and when Haolen uploads it (as we are rarely online at the same time for it) though this does mean I'm less likely to spot mistakes so please yell at me if I make a typo or blank bubble or something!

Mir has made us yet another lovely color page for this chapter thanks Mir!

Also some great news: shonen sunday has started an online sub service like shonen jump has, so we finally have access to good raws that do not make me cry when I try to clean them (449 was frankly a nightmare) so hopefully we will have higher quality releases now that don't suffer the massive detail loss from me having to nuke the page with the filters.


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ZKC 449 "Outlaws (4)" + 450 Status Update

Her everyone sorry for being delayed seriously that when there is a week hiatus we have a lot of bad luck T.T

But after the storm we finally finished hope you like it :)

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ZKC 448 "When we were children..."

Well after a difficult battle it looks like we will to see Magi and the others past, it looks promising but if you want to know go read right away!!

And i highly recommend you to check the new Facebook page! It´s becoming really interesting :)

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ZKC 446 "I´ll be the Esper Pirate King!" + FACEBOOK PAGE!!

Yo! Everyone!
It´s been a long, long time but we´re here finally :)

First of all i want to apologize because by my fault we had this long hiatus, i had some personal issues that i needed to resolve so i took time. T.T

But well after the storm we´re back and ready to keep going :)
And here it is chapter 446 any reference of One Piece it´s merely coincidence (?) xD
From now on a lot of full-packed actions chapters are waiting for us so tuned!

Also i created a facebook page! In it you will see new, pictures, content, and even the chapters of ZKC! So i highly recomend you like it ;)

You can find us as "Zettai Translaion Project" or go trought this direct link

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ZKC 445 "The end...??" Thanks for all your support throught this series...

I´m joking xD
When i see this image that´s the first thing that acrossed my head haha
And well jokes aside looks like the end is near Black Phantoms has B.A.B.E.L. in his hands now what everyone will do...??
Special thanks to Mir cause he colored TWO pages for this new chapter!!

Hope you liked and remember: Octopi RULES!!

(Status Update) ZKC 445 + ZKC IN MY 3DS

It´s just awesome??
Now i have all ZKC characters as Badges for my N3DS
Sorry i just wanted to show it xD
Special thanks to Kat because she did the rip of this image for a past omake

The chapter is about to be ready just be a bit more patient ;)

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New Project: To Love-Ru Darkness DIGITAL COLORED EDITION ch. 30

Hello everyone!
As i told you before here´s a new personal project i´ll be doing, luckily for this i´m just using CXC scans translation (sorry for not ask but i hope you don´t mind) cause as i said sometimes before i love To Love-Ru saga a lot :)

I asked permission to Tak3z0 before start with the promise that i´ll try to bring one chapter at least  weekly (of course without affect zkc) and after one night it´s ready this first chapter. I hope you like it ^.^
There will be another surprise later for ZKC so wait for it ;)

ZKC 444 "Winter Soldier (5)"

"It´s summer" (So why the name of the arc is Winter Soldier??) Color: Mir
Hello everyone as we promised here´s the chapter!!
Finally we´ll know what the enemy´s esper abilities are but that´s all?? At least next week there´s chapter so let´s see what happen :)

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(Status Update) ZKC 444 + ZKC Anime + ???

Simply awesome thanks to Mir :)
Hello this entry is to just inform you that the chapter is almost ready hopefully it´ll be ready for tomorrow :)

And just look what Mir give us for this chapter!! This color of the portrait for the chapter isn´t just beautiful?? If you can please thank him too in his tumblr HERE

Also all this hiatus i were watching ZKC anime and i remembered why do i got in love of this series :,) i almost cry several times and even when at this point we know that everything will be fine and why thing were like they were it´s a valuable experience go back and see it again. The opening, endings, ost was so nostalgic that got hooked again with it ♥ .
If you want, i add two new tags in the top of the blog where you can watch it online (and even download it you just have to register but it´s not obligatory thought...)  >.<

I´m working in two projects more for the blog as soon i advance with them i´ll be publish them stay tuned!! :)

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ZKC 442 "Winter Soldier (3)"

Hello everyone!!
Finally, FINALLY!! We caught up with the weekly releases!!
Sorry for the wait we had some intern problems but after all those here we have. Read it now that it´s hot xD

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ZKC 441 "Winter Soldier (2)" Special Version With Color Pages!! + WALLPAPER

Hello everyone!!

It took us time but here it is, this super special chapter, for starters this chapter had a color spread that Kat arranged superbly to do the above wallpaper (is included in the chapter if you want it :D) and above that Mir-sama :) took the time to color the first three pages completely!! So just imagine it, after long time we see some of Gilliam motivations and even we get to see a lot of funny scenes. And as always the great work of Kat and Sinlinara to make this chapter the best is something that always amuses me

I really hope that you enjoy this chapter as much we did. And please if you can Thanks Mir, Kat and Sinlinara in his respectives blogs :)

That´s all enjoy the chapter!

As a side note: Due the rumours about MEGA close (i don´t know if they´re true or false) i´ll start to add a new server to download the chapter that his files will last long, in this case is rapidgator as well the ones we are using, dropbox, mega. Soon i´ll be backing up the rest of the volumes and chapters there.

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ZKC 440 "Fugitive (1)" + ZKC 441 status update

Well here we are again :)

This chapter took us a lot of time because it has a loot of text and the quality of scans aren´t getting better -.-

Finnally we will know what happened to Minamoto and Sakaki and they will encounter allies there...?? If you want to know read right now!!

Also chapter 441 is already translated and hopefully soon we´ll release it, sadly this week there´s golden week so there will not be chapter 442 until next time D:

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ZKC 439 "Another´s Battle (6)"

Hello everyone~

With this chapter "Another´s Battle" arc end. what will await for Minamoto and Sakaki?? This is a joke like always from Fujiko-san?? The secret tecnique of Magi?? Hyoubu´s traits are uncover?? Read soon to find about ;)

And as always i want to thank Kat (for all work she is have put in this one) and Sinlinara for the chapters she´s correcting right now and Mir for all the support and help in this chapter :,) i don´t know how i could repay you. Please if you can thank them in their blogs

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ZKC 438 "Another´s Battle" + Just two more

Hello everyone~ We´re just left two chapters to be at the current chapter, as always i hope to enjoy this chapter and please thanks Kat, Sinlinara and Mir because if it´s wasn´t for them this won´t be possible :D

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ZKC 437 "Another´s Battle (4)" +We´re Back

Well finally after a long hiatus we´re back in the rails ^^

Sadly we have to do up to chapter 440 so cheer us  a little, even thought it was by my fault but let´s not talk about it D:

And what to say this chapter is really funny i wonder what Black Phantoms plans are...? Hopefully we´ll know soon...

That Kaoru xD

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(Status Update) ZKC 437 - 438 - 439 "Again delayed but not dead"

Special Thanks to Mir

Hello!! Everyone sorry for the sudden hiatus (again) but i just want to inform you that we´re already working in the chapter that are pending so don´t worry and know that i´m really thankful for you concern and suppor messages. Soon (hopefully) we´ll be working as always :)

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ZKC 435 "Sleeping Beauty is Back"

Hello everyone!!
Well here it is, hopefully you like it :)
I was thinking that this is the first time that we see Tsubomi since the high school arc started (i almost forgot her name xD)

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ZKC 434 "The war is about start..."

Well finally got this one done and why to wait??
Maybe if everything goes well we publish 435 and 436 in pack ;)

And well enjoy it i´ll not spoiler you anything but this is really darker chapter just see the image above ;)

(Status Update) ZKC 434 + 435 + 436 D:!!!

Kaoru is not happy with me :(
Hello everyone!! Sorry for not say anything recently as you can see we´re delayed with three chapters D: this is because some lack and lazy from my part and one mistake that i did at not include in Sinlinara in the translation of chapter 434 xd

But don´t desperate i´ll promise to finish the translation of chapters 435 & 436 today to have them ready soon (hopefully before this next wednesday)  and i´ll be updating this entry to tell how advanced are each chapter so be tuned up ;)

I really apreciate your patience and support ^^

And one final question as you can see three chapters are in the line 434, 435, 436 what do you prefer wait for have three ready or publish them all together??

434: READY
435: READY
436: Translation: Ready Proofread: Not Ready Cleaning:  Ready Typesetting: Not Ready

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ZKC 433 "And the spy is...?"

Hello everyone!!
Again, sorry for the delay in this chapter i still haven´t been well recently. but well i finally i´m alive and splashing  And soon well have chapter 434 ready too :)

Finally we´ll know who´s the spy...?? Read to know it ;)

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ZKC 432 "From the Shadow (3)" + My Status D:

Hello everyone!
Sorry for all this time in hiatus, well, to be sincere this chapter was ready since saturday but i couldn´t upload it until today xd
This was because since friday i was bedrideen in cause i contracted "dengue" a desease that leaves you in a bad state so i couldn´t even do this -.-
I getting better but i still have to rest so past week and this week chapter i´ll work in them until this thursday because i can rest from work that day...

And well just that sorry for the delay but i hope you can enjoy the chapter and if you hadn´t read the new raws the thriller too ;)

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ZKC 431 "From The Shadow (2) + Vol. 43 Omake + FULL VOLUME 43!!

Hello everyone!!
Finally here´s chapter 431 and well looks like this "Spy" arc will be fun :)  I´ll say no more found about reading the chapter. Also i want to give special thanks to Mir for help to proofread the chapter  Thank you very much MIR :)  . Sinlinara comeback soon we  miss you T.T

And as always the omake for vol 43 is ready and the recopílatory chapter is up in the download section of the blog :)




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To Love-Ru Darkness Vol. 15 Extras + Status Update ZKC 431

I´m sure gonna be hated for this but...

Hello everyone so i was surfing in the net and saw the raws of this again and i said "why not?" but i got really dissapointed that this time the volume didn´t have an omake :(
But still i wanted to share the extras of it (they´re really "juicy" if you know what i mean xD)

And about ZKC 431 translation is ready so the chapter is in process hopefully we´ll got it ready for monday, sorry the delay but we´re having technical issues with our PCs but don´t worry you´ll get it soon :)

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ZKC 430 "From the Shadow (1)"

Late but sure!!

Well here´s past week chapter hopefully you will enjoy it xD (that shiho...)

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ZKC 429 "So you are one of these... Kaoru??" + HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

Hello everyone!! It´s been a long time (almost a year) since we updated but believe when i tell you. this chapter was a really unlucky one -.- but it´s finally up and maybe will have a V2 because in this one sinlinara could not help with this because her PC got broken. And of course i have to give my special thanks to Mir who helped us to proofread the chapter and could have it now and for the above image that he made us :)

And well this is then of Day of Date arc and wow it seriously unexpected (if you haven´t read the raws xD) but i think you´ll be laughting when you know xD

That´s all my friend i hope you have a great year and enjoy the chapter