viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

ZKC 400 "Not bad... o_o"

We didn´t get color pages, but Kat did this for us :D
Ohayou minna~
The new chapter is here, finally ZKC reached his 400th chapter and i think that as fans we must be proud of this, and personally i really want that this long at least to 500th chapter :)
But, only the time will say it...
And what tell you about the chapter, i´m still kind of mad because in this chapter wasn´t colored pages, but at least next week, with the start of the new arc we´ll have them :D
Also, i didn´t like the front cover of this week... just see it by yourselves... but finally "outer limits" arc is over i wonder what´s next... more minamotoxkaoru, Black Phantom, more hyobu-minamoto-sakaki jokes about old and drunk mans? xD

Well, just that for the moment hope you like the chapter ^^