viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

ZKC 398 & 370 "Back to square one"

Hi everyone, this is Haolen again,
Luckily Kat could repair her computer so we could have the chapter in time!
And also i have a surprise for you, we could get some raws of volume 39 with better quality than the chapter we got from the magazine in that time so we started to work in the re-edition from that chapters and after that... *Dogeza* I´M SORRY!! Looks like i was worst than i thought, the translation of that time had a lot of mistakes (made by me) and was horrible in general, i can blame for the scans but at last i was the one who doesn´t know much. That´s why i highly recommend you to read it again, in next weeks hope that we can do the rest of the chapters
Also, if you downloaded the volume 39 you can replace the chapter for this  because i´ll not update it until we´ve made the others.
About this week chapter hope you like it and if you find kind of confusing page 14 we´re working in that page i had some problems with it but soon we´ll fix it..

That´s all for the moment, as always thanks for all the comments, you make me truly happy ^.^