domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

ZKC 446 "I´ll be the Esper Pirate King!" + FACEBOOK PAGE!!

Yo! Everyone!
It´s been a long, long time but we´re here finally :)

First of all i want to apologize because by my fault we had this long hiatus, i had some personal issues that i needed to resolve so i took time. T.T

But well after the storm we´re back and ready to keep going :)
And here it is chapter 446 any reference of One Piece it´s merely coincidence (?) xD
From now on a lot of full-packed actions chapters are waiting for us so tuned!

Also i created a facebook page! In it you will see new, pictures, content, and even the chapters of ZKC! So i highly recomend you like it ;)

You can find us as "Zettai Translaion Project" or go trought this direct link