viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

ZKC 384 "Back in action" + (Status Inform) ZKC 385 "Hyoubu´s back"

Finally! we´re back after all those problems with the raws, the translations, etc. :D
And yeah we´re delayed one week, but if you see it from good side this week it´s like we have 2 chapters :)
Also i want to say that this chapter is a little lazy but very significative for the upcoming so i recommend you to give more time to the history u.u. And in this chapter we will know the intentions of Minamoto about Matsukaze (Look the image above) xD

And about the chapter 385 i happy to say that the translation is ready and with luck maybe this sunday will be ready too so stay tunned and enjoy first this :D

Also, we´re having problems with the raws if you somehow can get them don´t doubt in sending them to me or kat she in his Tumblr and I here :)