sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

ZCK Omake Vol. 38 "Sexy Kaoru is the best"

Hello it´s me Haolen again :D

We present you this time the omake from the vol. 38 personally i don´t like to advance some part of the story when i do a release but this time because i requested Kat to color this image of Kaoru it´s why im doing it this time i hope you don´t mind. And be sincere isn´t awesome?

Also, to this release i want to give an very special thanks to Sinlinara the proofreader of the chapter. Because her help the quality of the chapter augmented like a 150% (I really thought that my English was decent but now i see that is not xD).

And with that i have finish i hope you really enjoy the chapter and have fun with it and if you can thank Kat for this color in his tumblr :D