viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

(Status Update) ZKC 444 + ZKC Anime + ???

Simply awesome thanks to Mir :)
Hello this entry is to just inform you that the chapter is almost ready hopefully it´ll be ready for tomorrow :)

And just look what Mir give us for this chapter!! This color of the portrait for the chapter isn´t just beautiful?? If you can please thank him too in his tumblr HERE

Also all this hiatus i were watching ZKC anime and i remembered why do i got in love of this series :,) i almost cry several times and even when at this point we know that everything will be fine and why thing were like they were it´s a valuable experience go back and see it again. The opening, endings, ost was so nostalgic that got hooked again with it ♥ .
If you want, i add two new tags in the top of the blog where you can watch it online (and even download it you just have to register but it´s not obligatory thought...)  >.<

I´m working in two projects more for the blog as soon i advance with them i´ll be publish them stay tuned!! :)