jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

ZKC 441 "Winter Soldier (2)" Special Version With Color Pages!! + WALLPAPER

Hello everyone!!

It took us time but here it is, this super special chapter, for starters this chapter had a color spread that Kat arranged superbly to do the above wallpaper (is included in the chapter if you want it :D) and above that Mir-sama :) took the time to color the first three pages completely!! So just imagine it, after long time we see some of Gilliam motivations and even we get to see a lot of funny scenes. And as always the great work of Kat and Sinlinara to make this chapter the best is something that always amuses me

I really hope that you enjoy this chapter as much we did. And please if you can Thanks Mir, Kat and Sinlinara in his respectives blogs :)

That´s all enjoy the chapter!

As a side note: Due the rumours about MEGA close (i don´t know if they´re true or false) i´ll start to add a new server to download the chapter that his files will last long, in this case is rapidgator as well the ones we are using, dropbox, mega. Soon i´ll be backing up the rest of the volumes and chapters there.