sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

(Status Update) ZKC 434 + 435 + 436 D:!!!

Kaoru is not happy with me :(
Hello everyone!! Sorry for not say anything recently as you can see we´re delayed with three chapters D: this is because some lack and lazy from my part and one mistake that i did at not include in Sinlinara in the translation of chapter 434 xd

But don´t desperate i´ll promise to finish the translation of chapters 435 & 436 today to have them ready soon (hopefully before this next wednesday)  and i´ll be updating this entry to tell how advanced are each chapter so be tuned up ;)

I really apreciate your patience and support ^^

And one final question as you can see three chapters are in the line 434, 435, 436 what do you prefer wait for have three ready or publish them all together??

434: READY
435: READY
436: Translation: Ready Proofread: Not Ready Cleaning:  Ready Typesetting: Not Ready