jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

ZKC 419 " Stay With Me (5)" + Results of the popularity poll

Hello everyone practically one chapter after another but isn´t bad from time to time huh?
And well in this chapter we have a lot of surprises and the results from the popularity poll! But i´m not really happy with it, Shiho below Aoi?? o.o Minamoto below Andy?? Matsukaze in 11th place!?
Those japanese...

And well in this chapter, Sakaki, Tim and Bullet continues their investigation but something sudden happens... Sakaki has a death flag!? And Matsukaze comes back to his senses and encounters with Ling from FMA!? This chapter leaves a lot to say, so go read it right now!!

Aclarations about the chapter:

  • We didn´t see any interview
  • The popularity poll talks about a episode about Hyoubu for his result in popularity poll but we don´t know what it reffers, maybe one released in Unlimited Blu-ray?
  • In the chapter in certain page they say that Matsukaze and the children meet seven years ago, is error from the editors or have already passed two years since the re-start of the new arc??

Also i´ll add a popularity poll soon in the right side of the blog so when is ready please vote ;)