domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

To Love-Ru Darkness Vol 14. Omake + Extras

Hello everyone!! It´s me Haolen :)

You know, yesterday i finished of translating ZKC 418 chapter and i was inspired translating and casually got the raws of the omake of this volume of To Love-Ru Darkness and said why not? :D

So i finished it and i´m publish it, sadly this isn´t proofread by Sinlinara so maybe can be exist some typos or grammar mistakes so be aware.

I´m thinking in the possibilty of make the rest of them but i don´t know yet.

And well bassically that if you like TLR and like mikan this omake is for you xD

And i remember you the ZKC chapter of this week is already translated is just question of time that we publish it  maybe tomorrow or tuesday.


Fixed Mega link xd