jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

(Chapter Update) ZKC 418 "Wondering..."


Hello everyone i´m here to tell you, looks like this week there´s no chapter D:
Sincerely we don´t know why, in last week chapter said that there will be :/

And well that´s bring us to the second question, you know recently i was reading Hayate no Gotoku! which is published in the same Sunday Magazine as ZKC, and in particular these two pages brought my attention, in fact that chapter was very off topic talking about a new manga from Hata-sensei.
But as you can see i don´t know if all this was real but looks like several serializated mangas in sunday magazine will be canceled it doesn´t says anything about who´ll but...

I wonder... ZKC will be canceled...??
I mean i don´t really want to happen but so many breaks from the author, the name of the present arc so few fandom about ZKC, the end of Unlimited Manga, i´m not sure about this but probably low sales... And one thing that particurly took my attention is that in next chapter will be pages in color and a interview with Shiina-sensei... Maybe real last chapter with a interview about the next work of him...??

Maybe i´m thinking about it too much but that´s are my thoughts of this what do you think?