martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

A gift from Mir

Hello everyone remember that in the previous chapter (417) i mentioned how i loved this page and how i really wanted to see this page colored?? 

Well, today i got the lovely surprise that Mir took my request and colored that page, isn´t it beautiful? *-*

I know it maybe it won´t be a surprise to anyone but i really like MinamotoxKaoru shipping and this page i think it´s really meaningful to that shipping and have a feeling truly good, not only because is  a bit ecchi xD

So i really want to thank Mir this detail because i know this is a work that took no less than 3 three hours and for take my request. Thank you very much Mir this is awesome :D

Soon i´ll update chapter 417 with this page :)

Also you can see this and all Mir works in tumblr  and if you can thank him too :)