domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

ZKC 412 & VOL 41 Omake "10th anniversary of ZKC!!"

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for being delayed but this chapter was truly difficult, because had a lot of text and a lot of things to redraw, (just look at the image above) really Kat did a awesome work U.U

And also i have several surprises for you today besides the chapter, as you can see in the title we also got the omake for vol. 41 so we´ve put it up :)
It´s really short but funny :)

Besides, i added in the download section of the Blog the full Volume 41 with the extras if you want to download :) also updated Vol.40 because it had a chapter that must be in vol 41 so if you want to redownload it you can do it.

And about the chapter itself it´s truly cool i´m have the feeling that it´ll make you laught xD

Just that for the moment, hope you like it and as always if you can please comment here or in batoto, and also please thank Kat in her blog because she was the one who worked hard to do this release :)