viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

WANDERER 01 + 1yr of Zettai Translation Project!!

Hello everyone!! How are you?

This time i have a lot to say but first the important one:

As we promised here´s the first part of Wanderer, the new manga of Ogaki Rokuro that follows the adventures of Hinomiya Andy, this time he´s in Buenos Aires, Argentina (or how will be called in that fictional world).
And about it i really want to thank Mir for provide the raws for this release and hopefully he will be helping us with them forward ^.^ so if you can please thank him in his Tumblr Blog HERE

And as always thank a lot Kat and Sinlinara, it´s thank to they that we can give this quality release, (i know that i everytime say this but it´s true) so if you can please thank them too (you know where to find their tumblr blogs ;).

Also, did you notice? It´s been one year since this scanlation was created, i know, it´s just time but i´m truly prideful of that, at first when i started to translate the lasts chapter of ZKC that the past group left uncompleted i didn´t think that ther will be more after that, until today we´ve made more than 40 chapters of ZKC, completed the remaining omakes of volumes, and now we make our second official project with a really capable staff Kat (Cleaner, Typesetter, Genius) , Sinlinara (Proofreader, Corrections, English Master), and I (Half-Assed Translator xD) and as i said at first i didn´t think that we´re goint to be translating weekly the series and with the quality that we´re doing right now.

And more over, i want to thank readers a lot for your continuing support, from the person who comment (here, in batoto, tumblr, etc,), to the person who gives "+1", who came weekly to read the blog (even with my crappy english xD)  etc, i really appreciate that and personally for things like that i really enjoy doing this.

Just that, hopefully we´ll last until any of this mangas ends xD

Lastly here´s the chapter hope you like it :)


And here´s a little bonus from Kat, is the HD cleaned image from above if you want to use it as wallpaper: