jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

(Chapter Status) ZKC 412 "So did you think that the anime was to start again?"

"Minamoto Trolling since ancient times"
Hello this Haolen!!

Well, i have to say sadly that the chapter of this week will be a little delayed :/
This is because this week chapter have a LOT of text and a lot of sustancial talk  so i wanted make sure to try not commit mistakes, hopefully the tomorrow or saturday will be ready.

And also, we got trolled -.- remember that in last chapter they said that in this chapter they´ll announce great news? ... they´ll retracted :/ (That if i read good) so in compensation, they give a card and extra pages in this chapters, maybe next week they´ll announce something but god knows... T.T

Just that for now, let´s cheer Kat and Sinlinara so we got the chapter soon ^.^/

See you later :)