sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

Status Inform ZKC 394 + Vol 39 special supplement + FULL VOLUME 40

Hello everyone again!!
Sorry for not inform you before but i was waiting to finish this other suprise that i have for you :)

Let´s go step by step:

1. This week there weren´t chapter, if you was wondering, that´s why we didn´t say anything, and because that i think it will be a boring news we started to work in another a little surprise and you have your ZKC weekly ration :)
2. The surprise is the Supplement Special that was included with volume 39 this has a extra chapter of ZKC that takes place when Hyoubu and Fujiko-san were in the army. There we will know a famous characters of the epoch and his relationships with they xD
Also this one includes a gallery made it by artist of Shonen Magazine congratulating (back before) the graduation of the Children with is own illustrations. An example:
Like if you can guess who is the artist :)

3. And  last but not the least, I proudly present you the Full Volume 40 of ZKC totally translated by us, omakes, 4-komas, special pages in color and the full arc of "Children StrikeBack" and the first chapter of "School Paradise" so if you want to revive again that arcs and enjoy our fist completed Volume i invite you to read it :)

And that´s all for the moment, next week there will be chapter so don´t fear xD

And as always enjoy it all.

SUPPLEMENT SPECIAL Dropbox//Mega//Batoto

EDIT: Thanks to Oliverfr from Batoto explains the final joke in the omake so if you read and don´t understand it (Like, and the rest of the staff xD) you can watch this video, 
WARNING: Maybe you will end like this :O