jueves, 1 de enero de 2015

Status Inform + HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This is the only image i have about new year xD
Hello everyone sorry for the late update, is just because of celebration i didn´t have time.
And of course from the staff of Zettai Translation Project we want to wish you a very happy new year and we will keep working to bring to ZKC so let´s hope everything goes well ^^

And also, thank you for all your support, when i started this project i thought that nobody will like my work (because the quality at first) but i was terribly wrong all of you was very warm and comprensible with me (even with my horrible english xD), so believe me that i´m greatly thankful to you because of that i´m improved a bit both my english and japanese and day by day i think i´m being a little better.

Also i want to add an special thanks several people that has been helping me with this:
-Kat Typesetter/Cleaner/Raw Hunter/QA the most fundamental part of the Scanlation i think without her and her burning passion toward ZKC i will never had been able to come this far... as always THANK YOU VERY MUCH KAT!!
-Sinlinara Proofreader/Corrections of Translation, also the Key member of the team because if she wasn´t with us all the chapter will look like this entries xD. Seriously Sinlinara i´m pretty grateful to you and i want to thank you the fact that you even when you have schedules very tight you take the time to fix this mess of my translation :)
-Lintence, Moypher, Дмитрий Алеев, Trueman Massat, Prince and all the regular commenters, subscribers, "+1"  of the blog for your special support here you don´t know how cool is see your inconditional support here :D

And last but not the least, this week looks like we´ll not have chapter so let´s wait to next week :/

And that´s all, have a good night and i hope you had great party´s :)

See ya!!