viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

ZKC 392 "Merry Christmas!!"

Remember that this is an official artwork so don´t blame me xD
Hello everyone! After a week of inactivity we´re back to brought you the new chapter, this time we had a little delay because the chapter was released exactly in Christmas so for me was difficult start right away but after all that made it for you, is it a bit late indeed but here´s your weekly chapter as Christmas present so enjoy it :D

And that´s it for the moment, comment if you can and if you want to see an alternative picture for this realease click below xD

I was about to choose this image just for fun but i couln´t xD
BTW: In this picture the phrase says: "Kimi no tsuyogari wo gyuto dakishimechauzo" which is a parody from "Break+Your+Destiny" where the three of them sing and it means "I will embrace you with bravery" but in this parody the meaning is "You can embrace me with bravery" :)