lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

(UPDATE) Inactivity...

This is just an illustrative picture i hope you don´t mind xD
Hello everyone i just posting this to remind you that we´re still alive so don´t worry about your next chapters of ZKC, the thing is that the previous week there were no chapter so we´re been lazy xD.

In my case i have been playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 so that´s why i haven´t had time to publish anything hehe

Also, thanks that i read Hayate no Gotoku! (which is serializated in the same magazine as ZKC) looks like this week chapter will be a double edition!! (I´m guessing but that´s 40 pages!!)
So there´s the possibily that this take more time but when we have it we´ll tell you :)

ALSO, i´m not the kind of people who ask for donatives for this work but if someone... somewhere... want to give me something i accept them in form of Pokemon Shinys, legendaries in Pokemon xDD

I leave you here my FC 2578-4045-1663 just think it and let me know in the comments XD