domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

So i´ve just finished to read GS Mikami´s Manga...

Because, in many forums and comments around the web i had seen a lot of reviews were they said that Zettai Karen Children is inferior than GS Mikami and well i give myself the task to check it.

This is a short review that may contain some spoilers related to the end of the series, so if you want to read it be aware of this.

And to say, when i started to investigate about this series i found that the anime which was aired in japan (1993-1994) was also aired in my native language but since it´s gonna take me more time to finish it i went straight to the manga.

The story tell us that in a parallel Japan due to recently cases of spirits and youkais the profession of Ghost Sweeper (people that eliminates them) is highly demmanded and well paid,
And in the center of them we find our female protagonist, Mikami Reiko, a sexy girl obsessed with money to the point of be "very greed bitch"in the words of his colleagues during all the series, also his idiot and pervert assistant, Yokoshima Tadao, basically "the worst" in the words of all the woman in the series and his sweet co-worker Okinu, a ghost that was saved by Mikami and hired by her to support them.

During the first part of the series we see a very comical developtment, in which we get to know the regular staff in the manga, starting with Reiko´s eternal rival Emi, her loved friend Meiko and his explosive tendences, his master Father Karasu and his fellow aprenttice Peter di Pietro a vampire, The millenary Doctor Chaos and his inventions, Shoryouki and the god army, Saijou his first love. and also a tons of characters that enrich the manga in all sorts of developments, comedy, spirits and ghost from universal mythology, japanese, greek, uk, etc.

And just for that first part i can really understand why the manga was so popular, in many chapters i was laughting like crazy with Yokoshima´s evil deeds and his stupidity (which is his charm) and Mikami tsukkomi´s (See the page below xD).

And the after a lot of chapters, surprisingly more than 70 we know her the first enemy Medusa from the devil´s army, from this point we see a quite bit more serious Yokoshima because he start to use spiritual powers and even gets his GS licence in a very funny way by the way.

From this point, we got a lot of serious mini-arcs and comical reliefs in were get to know the mother of Mikami, some romantical interest of Mikami and Yokoshima, and also the past of many characters such Okinu, that it´s really good in my opinion. And even we get to know the last boss of this manga Astaroth.

The manga continues and enters in the last battle that it´s some kind of epic, i really loved the battle between Mikami and Yokoshima simply epic and a must-see, a very serious plot and a very sad ending.

But the story not ends here the manga continue with the ordinary stories we´d accustomed, but from here too that we start to notice some problems, many characters are leaved aside, there´s not more develptment between Yokoshima, Mikami or Okinu relationship and in the last chapters we advance 200 years in the future when we see the ghost of Yokoshima, Mikami and Okinu ghosts haunting his old GS Office, obviously they didn´t die there, they´re the just essences of his souls that was attached to that place and thanks to pete that went there to save Mikami ghost against a ghost illegal trader, and he explains this to them and tells them that they can rest in peace. All that leaving to our imagination the final, Mikami and Yokoshima get married? Okinu? Yukinojou? Emi? Saijou? What happen with all the other characters? "We don´t care!! the present profit is the important thing!!"

Just with that the story is finished and what to say, at first i was very disappointed with the end, but if you look in the past chapters you can guess what happened with them xD. But seriously i wanted to see the children of Mikami and Yokoshima T.T 

And to finish this i want to give my persional opinion, i really liked the series, indeed this have a lot of jokes that almost kill me with laughter, but if i have to put in scales both mangas Zettai Karen Children and GS Mikami... ZKC wins because in some parts the plot is more darker, the principal enemy Hyoubu and Phantom are suited best to be enemy´s and most of the characters here are pretty charismatic.

But i have to admit that GS Mikami was his first manga and really deserves a good point because it has a lot of good parts that later were used in ZKC and from the start you never get bored with it.

And well just that for the moment, i really encourage you to read it, if you like ZKC i think that you´ll find GS Mikami really funny. :) And if you want to read it you can found it in you favorite manga online viewer or dd it from the scanlator group at
Note that i summarize a lot of the manga there´s a lot of characters and plots that i didn´t mentioned here to not ruin your experience if you want to read it :).

And if you have read it what do you think? Do you liked more GS Mikami? o ZKC? Any other opinion? Feel free to comment and thanks for read this messy review, this is the first time that i write in english so i want your feedback ^.^

See ya later xD