miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

(Status inform) chapter is out!!

I know, i´m not very imaginative with this post but well i think they fullfil its function :)

And what to say, i wanted to finish the translation before publish this there´s only the typesetting and the proofread (just that xD) to be completed and really i lasted for so long because that bubble (the one you saw upside) i longed 1 hour just for translate that...
It´s becuase i neve have seen a katana with kanjis in furigana, and i looked the phrase in a lot of dictionaries and i doesn´t not found anything after i tought and came out the answer she (i hate you kaoru =_=) is using one phrase to short "Zettai ni Yurusanai" (I will never forgive you) into "Zette Yuru"
I know that no one cares but this chapter was really difficul ;_; and i just wanted to vent all this thing.

Also you know who i hate too? In the good sense and only for the difficulty to translate... Aoi, freaking kioto accent. Believe me sometimes i don´t know nothing .-.

And well just that, for the moment i think that if everything goes well the chapter will be ready this friday so expect it

And for the last i was reading the manga again and if found one curious reference do you remember it?
I love one piece xD